Prices 2024



Time per pass is 2,5 hours


Children 5-6 years 219 SEK

Youth 7-14 years 319 SEK

Adult 15-64 years 395 SEK

Senior 65 – years 325 SEK

Family 2 adults + 2 children/youth 1225 SEK
Family 2 adults + 3 children/youth 1525 SEK


Season tickets 2024 are available in Skypark Reception during our opening hours.
You may also contact our office in Vaxholm at 0768-520 267 or send email to

5-7 years  1500 SEK
8-14 years  2300 SEK
15 years-  3100 SEK

The season ticket is personal and is only valid for the owner.
It’s valid 1 year from issue date.
The season ticket may be used as trainingcard.

NOTE! Only applicable for drop-in visits and upon space availability, no online booking. 




School classes year 3-6 319 SEK per person
School classes year 7-9 395 SEK per person

The price is valid only on weekdays and for minimum 22 paying guests.

Mandatory: 1 climbing adult per maximum 3 children under 10 years.
Adults pays same price as the per person as the class.

Send booking request to


Children turning 5-6 years 219 SEK
Youth turning 7-14 years 319 SEK

All children pay same price as the jubilar. The adults pay as adults if the will climb.
The price includes reserved table and benches under tent roof.

Griddle and gas burner for grilling during and 30 minutes before or after the climbing  350 SEK

Children 7-9 years must have a climbing adult with them in the courses. Maximum 3 children/adult.
Children 5-6 years must have a climbing adult with them in the courses. Maximum 2 children/adult.

Send booking request to or book online


Price per person up to 14 years 319 SEK
Price per person from 15 years- 395 SEK
Minimum charge 6250 SEK


Skypark 2 hours 395 SEK per person
Minimum charge 8.250 SEK
Extra opening hours in the park for grilling in Skypark 1.000 SEK per started hour
The prices are excluding VAT.

Maximum 100 persons.

Weekdays exclusivity 2 hours in the courses. No exclusivity during school holidays or weekends.

Reserved space at tables and benches under tent roof is included.

Food – we arrange “grilling on your own” upon request. 

Send booking request to


Grilling rentals
Large charcole grill  350:-