Questions and answers

Opening hours, booking and prices

When is it open ?

You find information about opening hours  on the main page. 

What prices are valid ?

Check out the price list on the main page. There you will find all the prices.
Duration of a climbing pass is 2,5 hours.

How do I make a booking ?

Press “Book Online” and follow the instructions to make a booking in the calendar.

If you have trouble making a booking it might be due to your browser.  We use a system called Adventure Hero, and it’s unfortunately not compatible with some older versions of Internet Explorer. Try to open our website in Chrome or Safari and see if it works better.

If you have continuing problems, please contact us on 0768 520 267 and we will help you.

Which are the booking rules ?

It is essential that you have read and understood our booking conditions. The booking person is also responsible for informing the other participants of our rules before completing the booking.

You will find Skypark booking conditions at Practical information.

How do I book for a company ?

If you want to make company booking, kickoff or similar, please contact us at or 0768 520 267.

Before your visit

What should I wear ?

Is it possible to climb in bad weather ?
Don’t worry, it is safe to climb even if it is raining, and is still fun as long as you are dressed for the weather. Even if the wind blows a little there is no danger, but it might feel a little extra in your stomach when the trees sway back and forth.

If the weather gets really bad with high winds and thunder, we might be forced to close all or part of the park. Many of the paths can be open even when it’s really bad weather but at the risk of lightning the park needs to be closed. We will contact you as soon as possible in these situations.

If we are forced to close due to high winds, thunderstorms, lightning or other extreme weather you can choose to wait it out and “freeze” your booked time. 
No refunds can be made.

Is it possible to visit the park without climbing ?

Yes, the park is an open area and everyone is welcome to visit us.

Is food and beverages available to buy ?

Skypark has a small kiosk where we have soft drink, ice cream , coffee  m.m

There is a smaller grill-kiosk at the campsite nearby, that is open during summertime.
There is also a Thai restaurant about 500 meters from the park, which is open all year round.

You may as well bring your own lunch bag or picnic, since there are tables and benches in the park.

How do I get to Skypark and where can I park the car ?

You can go by bus 670 and bus-stop Eriksövägen, or by car. A limited number of parking lots are available, but since Vaxholm is a very popular destination during summer it might be difficult to find space close to the park.

We recommend bus or bicycle at firsthand.

Under Parking you find a map that help you to find parking lots.

Follow below link for more information how to get to Skypark:

Find us


Why do I need to sign the terms of use form ?

It’s important that everyone read through and fill in the information in our form before the climbing, so that all participants are aware of our rules. High altitude activity may involve certain risks, and we work a lot with preventative safety through our rules to keep all our guests as safe as possible.

We would also need to know if you have any physical or mental condition that can be affected by the climbing (e.g. earlier shoulder injury, heart problems or autism) so that we can help you in the best way if you get any problem in the paths.
Please print out the terms of use and read through and fill in at home. If you have no opportunity to print it out yourself, you can read and fill them out in the park.

But then make sure to arrive with good time margin to save climbing time.

Why am I not allowed to wear jewelry during climbing ?

We work a lot with preventive safety in Skypark, and therefore we want you to take off jewelry and piercings before climbing. E.g. If you wear earrings, watch / bracelets, rings there is a risk to get stuck. To avoid to get hurt, we ask you to leave jewelry etc. at home.

Mobile phone in the courses ?

Telephone, keys and similar items in your pocket can be in the way of harness and make it to not sit properly. There is also a risk that the phone will break if it gets caught between you and the harness when you climb. Therefore, make sure that what you have in your pockets do not end up between you and the harness.
NOTE! The pocket should be lockable with a zipper.

Storage facilities in Skypark ?

There are lockable boxes to borrow outside the Skypark-house for smaller valuables such as mobile phones, wallets and keys. Bring your own padlock or buy at Skypark pay desk. Bags and jackets etc. can be placed on our shelves under roof outdoors. As Skypark does not guard the lockers or the shelves, all storage is at your own risk.

NOTE! Storage inside the Skypark-house is not possible.

What if I need help in the course ?

Even if you need help, don’t worry! Our instructors are walking around in the park and keep an eye on you. Just call for us and we will help you and answer to your questions. If a situation should arise up in the course and you need our help, we can quickly climb up and help you down with our rescue system. All our instructors are trained in rescue and evacuation plan.

When I get to the park

What happens when I get to the park?

Come to the Skypark-house no later than 15 minutes before your booked time, to check-in and get information. During summer time you might have difficulty to find parking space close to the park, so make sure to be there in good time. Under “Parking” you will find a map showing you to different places where you can find parking lots.